First draft

Finally, today, just now, I completed the first draft of my first major work – “Tharblood, Kings and Seers”. I’m quite happy about it!!

And then came EDITING.

Wow! After the exhilaration of the first completion comes the agony of the first edit! Someone could have warned me, seriously. Re-reading, re-arranging, changing… then checking if the changes affect later or earlier details. It’s hard work people.

And then there’s the things which stand right out and make me wonder if English really is my first language, the kind of glaring mistakes which I last made when I was writing in crayon.

It’s a necessary process, I just have to keep telling myself that, and, for me, it’s also part of a long, hard, but enjoyable, journey. I’m getting, there, I’m sure of it. I just can’t say when!


  1. Yes, very laborious. I have written ‘short’ presentation pieces of just 15 pages. Then given the overnight test you wonder if you have be poisoned by a stray magic mushroom in your soup!! Re-edit. Down to 10 pages. Write the synopsis down to one side of A4. That’s all they were expecting in the first place! Bugger. What a waste of time and forest. But it’s the process. Ooooh! The suffering and the pain of delivery. Thank god for beer, Whisky (Pendryn) and Frasier on day time when one is sobering up.
    Love your work mate Jeff

    PS. This has taken me three months to write 😕
    PPS. Also I prefer Brandy but I thought I’d give Steph a plug!

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