What’s on this week

My plans for week 2nd to 9th December 2018

  1. I agonised a few weeks ago over the writing of a cover note and synopsis for my WIP, Tharblood.  I found it verrry difficult to sell myself. It just doesn’t come easily to me. Call me modest or whatever, but I just find it hard. But it had to be done. In fact, the only way I could make progress on it was to pretend I was writing about someone else, someone who wasn’t just an ex steelworker with some aptitude for writing, someone who had, not just talent, but confidence. Someone who knew what they were doing!
  2. So, having said that, I completed the cover note and synopsis and I’m currently working my way through lists of suitable publishers and will get it sent off this week, along with whatever they need. Some of them need a synopsis and first 3 chapters. Some of them need just the synopsis. Some of them just want a 1 line selling pitch etc. This is all new to me and a steep learning curve. IT WILL BE SENT OFF THIS WEEK.
  3. I am revisiting a screenplay for a series I began a few months ago called THE DUKE. It’s a comedy about a pub in London which is mafia run.
  4. I am trying my damnedest to get aquainted with Social Media. I realise it’s an important part of publicising and possibly self publishing my works. There’s a lot to learn. 

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