Today’s word is: PRIORITISE

            I’ll be honest, it’s not something I do very well, especially with my writing. It’s hard enough when there are outside influences winkling their way into my brain and dragging me to the sofa to watch Game of Thrones or Billions or the dozen or so other series that I’ve listed on Netflix, but then, when I do peel myself away and knuckle down to some scribing, I do find it difficult to prioritise what I work on.

            I have the second Tharblood book in progress, I am also working on a film script with @afan_arts, and the final piece in my college creative writing course is due for submission. There is also social media to consider. Followers are important to me and I do want to keep in touch with them. Happily, social media are linked so I don’t have to prioritise between them. If I had to, wow, dilemma!

            Last night, however, we had an unusual situation at home. The power line to our house and two neighbours’ houses blew. Without getting too technical (trust me, with electrics I am never going to get anywhere near technical), there was a problem with the ‘pot end’- the junction box where the main cable splits three ways to feed each property. It completely blew the power off to the two sides, our house and next door, and sent the entire supply surging to the third house which almost blew his roof off. (Okay, I’m exaggerating for effect, but he could have fried an egg on his SkyTV box.)

            Anyway, from 7pm onwards, we found ourselves without electricity for an indefinite time. A lot of chicken had gone into the oven (electric, of course) and was only partially cooked when we lost the power. Refrigerated food was in peril. Family members were restless, fearful. After all, we watch The Walking Dead and there were vague similarities. Maybe we were actually hoping for an apocalypse. The first resource to get hit was the cheese. It didn’t last long. The non-keto family members hunted down the crisps and the biscuits. I, however, remained surprisingly calm and rational. I opened the fridge, assessed its contents and decided that I had to prioritise. I reached for the beers while they were still cold.

            Now, I just need to apply some kind of metaphorical power outage to my writing. I’m in the dark on that one.


  1. I completely concur Pete. I, given the same set of disastrous circumstances, would hope to have the cool incisive mind set as you and do what you can!

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