Observations from a deck chair.


It’s cheap. it’s tacky, it’s made from straw,
For most of the year it stays in the drawer,
But, despite the fact that you look like a twat,
You wear it abroad. It’s your holiday hat!
I’m not a fashionista with expertise on chic,
But a certain kind of style has been bugging me all week.
That sweater you’re “not-wearing”, is it serving you at all?
Draped around your shoulders like a granny in a shawl,
The arms tied loosely and dangling at your chest.
You checked the mirror, surely, and you’re happy how you’ve dressed?
Take it back, hang it neatly, then close the wardrobe door.
Walk away. Walk away. It’s not the Eighties any more.
“What if it turns chilly with a nip upon the breeze?”
Dude, check outside. It’s thirty-three degrees.

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